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Pantone hopes to make calibration mainstream with $89 huey

Marc Perton

Photographers, graphic designers and other pros have long used color-calibration tools like the ColorVision Spyder to make sure that what they see on their display matches their final output as closely as possible. Now, Pantone hopes to bring the calibration experience to mainstream consumers, with the huey, an $89 device that the company says is targeted at "digital photo enthusiasts, gamers and any computer user wanting absolute color and clarity." While we can see prosumer digicam users showing some interest in this, point-and-shooters who print at CVS are unlikely to fall for the pitch. And we really don't see the gaming connection; gamers are likely to push their own gamut, and not worry about what color Pantone tells them that blood on their screen needs to be in order to match a print profile.

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