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PodBrix to offer Wozwear T-shirts


The folks at PodBrix have done it again. PodBrix occasionally releases limited-run, Apple-themed Lego minifigs. Previous releases have included Woz, Steve delivering a keynote and "Mr. Brix," which is a small figure that attaches to your headphone cord. On January 17th at 9:00 PM EST, they will release the Wozwear 6502 T-shirt. According to PodBrix,

"...the Wozwear 6502 and is a custom made shirt featuring an image of our previous Woz minifig holding a 6502 processor chip. The interesting aspect is that we use an actual 6502 processor chip and attach it to the shirt with a magnetic clasp."

Here's the best part: It's a working chip, and if removed from the shirt and popped into an old Apple machine, it would work (you may remember that this is the chip used in the Apple II's).

These things usually sell out in a matter of minutes (they sold out of 270 Woz minifigs in less than two minutes in August), so have your credit card and mouse ready. Podbrix will make 300 Wozwear 6502 shirts available for $34.99US each starting at 9:00PM EST tomorrow night. Good luck.

[Via Cult of Mac Blog]

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