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The Hidden Message to OSx86 Trawlers


In the MacBook Pro's version of OSx86, in /System/Library/Extensions lies a little message in a kernel extension for would-be readers:

<string>Dont Steal Mac OS X
<string>Copyright (c) 2006 Apple Computer, Inc.  All rights reserved.

<string>The purpose of this Apple software is to protect Apple copyrighted
materials from unauthorized copying and use. You may not copy, modify,
reverse engineer, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense,
transfer or redistribute this file, in whole or in part.  If you have
obtained a copy of this Apple software and do not have a valid license
from Apple Computer to use it, please immediately destroy or delete it
from your computer.

Given this message, I have a hunch that perhaps Steve has encouraged his team to implement other forms of copy protection into the production copies of OSx86, perhaps in the form of watermarking. Also, I haven't seen any mention of this in the Intel iMac's version of OSx86. Feel free to pontificate in the comments. Is this a warning that perhaps there are stronger measures coming to find users running OSx86 on non-Apple hardware?

[via OSx86 Project]

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