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802.11n is coming soon to an HDTV near you

Kevin C. Tofel

Why do we care about faster WiFi? Say it with me people: "streaming HDTV without wires." Ok,maybe we're a little obsessed with the whole HDTV over WiFi thing, but it really impresses the ladies. Now that the Enhanced Wireless Consortium voted 40-0 on a joint 802.11n proposal, it's more likely that the IEEE will move the standard forward. Full ratification may take all year, but you can bet we'll see more "pre-n" gear and less "pre-pre-n" equipment which kills our product suggestion of "Finding MIMO."

The new 802.11n standard is expected to increase wireless networking speeds up to five times over 802.11a/g, which are currently pegged at 54Mbps, but we all know that the real throughput is currently about half of that, right? Greater compression rates will also help as current MPEG-2 HD requires up to 19.39Mbps of pipe.

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