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Anti-Chinese discrimination in WoW

Vladimir Cole

The image that accompanies this post is a perfect example of the sort of racism that has become pervasive in Blizzard's World of Warcraft game. Because a number of those who farm gold for money are from Asian countries, some players treat all players from China as gold farmers: in a word, rudely. The photo above was created by a WoW player who took a photo of a crowd of normal Chinese people and put the "Gold Farmer" tag over each person's head to make the point that everyone in China is a gold farmer.

Treating an entire race of people poorly because of the actions of a subset of that group is the very definition of racism. Unfortunately, in our experience, all online games tend to bring racists out of the closet.

We'd like to think that more gaps are bridged than bridges burnt by online gaming, but stuff like this doesn't give us much hope.

[via WoW Insider]

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