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ATSC is great; when it works

Kevin C. Tofel

We often tout the wonders of free over-the-air, or OTA, high-def programming, but lucky for us the Washington Post reminds us that OTA is not always HD nirvana. The Post decided to take the RCA 27F634T for a spin along with a cheap ol' antenna. Quickly realizing that a digital picture is an all or nothing deal, meaning it's a perfect picture or no picture, they did the whole "stand on the chair, raise your left leg and right arm" thing for the best signals. Aside from playing a digital game of Twister, they raise a valid point that not everyone can receive every OTA channel and even for those that do (like me), it can be a hit or miss situation at times.

If you use an ATSC OTA tuner for any programming, how well does it work for you and how far are you from your local digital towers? Is the free HD worth it for you or is it just too much darn work?

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