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Creative's Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse reviewed

Evan Blass

Do you think that when he's old and gray, eyes glazed over and hands clenched in an arthritic claw, Jonathan Wendel will sit his grandchildren on his lap and regale them with tales of his days as the great "Fatal1ty"? Or will he keep his 1337-inspired nom de guerre and his ExtremeTech-panned Creative 1010 Mouse buried in the deepest depths of his skeleton closet? Speaking of that ExtremeTech review of the 1010, Creative's first foray into competitive gaming mice, you know that you're in for a good read but probably not a rave review when the author's kindest words are reserved for the product's packaging. That's not to say that the 1010 is a terrible peripheral; ET simply thinks that a mouse designed to a professional cyberathlete's specifications may not be a good fit for the average user. Because the 1010 is rather short and squat, with a distracting third button for your ring finger and hard-to-find thumb button, ET advises that it takes some getting used to and can be frustrating to use in non-gaming environments. They do appreciate the interchangeable weight cores and visual DPI indicator, but find the software to be lackluster, the high-tech cord to be too short, and the lack of a tilting scroll wheel to be absolutely unforgivable. Final verdict? You're better off with a Logitech, even one that's not endorsed by some video game geek.

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