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LED backlighting coming to a JVC HD-ILA near you

Matt Burns

Don't want a DLP, but need LED backlighting in a large projection? JVC is going to use 'em in their HD-ILA; sometime. They don't plan on having them ready for the 2006 line of TVs but they will be using them in the future.

We sure hope that more companies like Sony and Hitachi jump on this LED bandwagon. Plasmas are great, but when they get over 50-inches, my goodness are they pricey. If LEDs can get on the market soon, microdisplays will have a breath of fresh air, as plasmas and LCDs grow in size and reduce in price. LEDs can give a consumer up to 20,000 hours of life while conventional lamps are closer to 5,000 hours. (6 hours a day is 2,100 hours a year)

Would you consider a microdisplay, like DLP or HD-ILA, if they had LED lighting instead of a lamp? We sure would.

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