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Tavi PMP with HD output

Kevin C. Tofel

While it looks like a Gameboy Advance SP knock-off, the Tavi is actually YAPMP, or Yet Another Portable Media Player. Here's the twist to remove the "YA" tag: apparently this little bugger has high-definition outputility. The built-in 3.5-inch LCD screen is a standard QVGA res of 320 x 240, but the specs claim is that the device is capable of pumping out a 720p or 1080i signal. With support for DivX, XviD, MPEG-1,  -2 and -4  plus a 20GB hard drive it's no surprise that this little mystery is expected to retail for $500. The real surprise is where it will retail; word on the web is that we'll see these in Wal-Mart.

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