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DVDO iScan VP30 high-def processor is now shipping

Matt Burns

Yah need more HDMI ports? How about a dedicated video processor and scaler that will do up to 1080p? Yeah? Well lets throw in separate picture control for each input. Cool.

DVDO introduced us to just a device way back in the summer of 2005 and the iScan VP30 is now available for purchase. The device will allow consumers to hook up the old VCR (maybe a Betamax), a DVD player, the kids Xbox and the high-def cable box. The VP30 will then take all those different resolutions and present the HDTV with its native resolution. DVDO says it best with "any rez in – any rez out."

This unit is a workhorse in a good great home theater. Would you be willing to spend the sticker price of $1,999 for the ability to get the best picture possible? We would.

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