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Forty-Two DVDVX Plus v3.0 = movie encoding heaven

David Chartier

Apps that convert video for portable devices just keep getting smarter, and Forty-Two DVDVX Plus v3.0 is a prime example. Recently updated to version 3, I think this just might be the perfect tool for the job, whether you're rolling with a 5G iPod, a PSP, a Nokia series 60 phone or a handful of other devices. They main feature that makes Forty-Two DVDVX Plus (could that name get a little shorter, please?) so appealing in my eyes is that, on top of encoding for all these different devices, it also handles batch encoding of both movies files and individual chapters from a DVD. But wait, there's more: its UI has that easy-to-use "inspired by iLife" feel to it, and it offers a bunch of other goodies like automatically adding  files to the iTunes library and Automator actions, as well as a choice of format, quality, resolution and more.

I'm encoding some stuff into H.264 with the demo right now, but just from playing with it I'm really impressed. This should definitely give both iSquint and that Automator action I found earlier a run for their money - which, of course, is the only ding here: Forty-Two DVDVX Plus will set you back a cool $19.99 (upgrades are only $9.99). But if you're serious about all this video on the go stuff and are looking for one app to encode everything from local files to DVD folders, chapters and DVD's themselves - Forty-Two DVDVX Plus just might be the app for you.

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