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Learn how to stream HD to your 360 on Xbox Live Marketplace


Sure we could just tell you that streaming HDTV content wirelessly to your Xbox 360 is best achieved with an 802.11a connection, but some people need video evidence. (Oh wait, we've got that too!). For the unlucky few who have an Xbox 360 and have not yet found their way to HD Beat (thats HD Beatdown for all those who want to face me in DOA4), Microsoft posted a new video on the Xbox Live marketplace letting people learn about high def high definition. It's like a mobius strip we don't even want to get out of.

The video is pretty well put together and should provide a good base for people who may have heard about the 360's multimedia capabilities but don't know where to start. Surprisingly it doesn't say anything about how to stream DivX to your Xbox 360, but perhaps the boys from Redmond decided some news is only for the privileged.

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