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Create clickable URL/file events in iCal

David Chartier

MacOSXHints has a slick tip on creating clickable iCal events that are either URLs or links to files. Sure, you can add a URL to an event's description, but with this simple method you can create an event itself that is click-able from iCal's main day/week/month calendar view.

All you need to do for a URL is either drag it (or its icon) from a browser's address bar onto a time slot in iCal, or add a URL to an event's title and surround it with carrots like this, sans-quotes: "." To create a click-able link to a file, you'll need to use a web browser (such as Firefox) to surf your file system, then simply drag a file or folder from the browser into iCal in the same way as a URL. Don't try it with Safari, as it apparently doesn't do local file/folder surfing.

This has already has become a darn handy tip for me, as I constantly add URLs to iCal events for upcoming local shows, and this takes one step out of the "so what is the site again?" process. The one thing I haven't tested yet is whether these would be click-able in iCal's pop-up reminder window. Anyone?

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