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Sony rolls out HD XDCAM series for pros

Marc Perton


Sony has expanded its XDCAM line of pro equipment to include HD functionality, with two 1080i-capable camcorders and matching decks. The PDW-F330 and PDW-F350 camcorders use 3 half-inch CCDs, each capable of 1.5 megapixel resolution.The PDW-F70 and PDW-F30 decks can integrate with compatible non-linear editing systems, and can upconvert footage shot with older XDCAMs to 1080i. All of the new gear uses Sony's Professional Disc optical discs for data storage -- no, that's not yet another new format for HD discs; these are the same discs used in current XDCAMs. Suggested pricing on the PDW-F350 is $25,800, while the PDW-F330 is $16,800. Hey, we said these were pro units.

[Via Akihabara News]

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