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The Wireless VGA Extender eliminates some other wires too


Every fanboy has a diagram stashed somewhere detailing some level of wire-free desktop nirvana, but if only he could eliminate that pesky VGA cable (and those annoying power cables, still working on that one) then he would be truly happy. Well the Wireless VGA Extender is here to help, and not only does it take your VGA signal wireless, up to a 1024x768 resolution, but it can transmit your PS/2 plugs for a keyboard and mouse, and an audio jack across the room with it. The range is 100 feet, which should be plenty for most fanboy operations, however the ordering form says that the device isn't for residential use, so you'll have to work it out with the FCC if this is ever going to end up in your living room.

[Thanks, Preston]

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