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Use your cellphone as a movie ticket

Evan Blass

A movie theater in a suburb of America's technology capital has begun trial-running a payment method that allows customers to not only purchase tickets from their cellphones but actually present an on-screen barcode to the tickettaker. The Emagine Entertainment theater in suburban Detroit is the first US theater to implement pay-by-cell technology from Mobile Box Office, which is currently restricted to Internet-enabled phones with color screens. Moviegoers need only go to the MBO site, buy a ticket, wait for a text message with a link back to MBO, and follow the link to a webpage with a unique barcode representing the purchase. Emagine has installed scanners that read the barcode off of the phone's screen and grant access to the theater. Unfortunately, just like with Nokia's kidnapphone, this system seems contingent on being able to get a signal in the vicinity of the theater, so members of the T-MOB will need to continue purchasing their tickets the old-fashioned way.

[Via Yahoo! News]

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