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Xbox 360 sufficient game storage

Blake Snow

Some have doubted if the Xbox 360 DVD9 disc format will suffice for next-gen games including their inevitable size increase. From the article: "Looking over the data, it's fairly evident that in fact DVD9 is not too small for next generation games as much as it was too big for the last generation's. Very few games on the original Xbox came close to pushing the limits of the DVD9 format, leaving plenty of room for growth for the Xbox 360."

Here's a breakdown of the site's findings:

The Size Growth of the Xbox
Average for 2001: 1.81 gigs (21% of disc)
Average for 2002: 2.17 gigs (25% of disc)
Average for 2003: 2.47 gigs (29% of disc)
Average for 2005: 3.20 gigs (37% of disc)

Xbox 360 sample launch titles sizes
Condemned: 3.9 GB
Madden 06 NFL: 3.3 GB
Dead or Alive 4: 5 GB
NBA 06: 4.5 GB

Does the Xbox 360 disc size limitation concern you? And for any GameCube owners out there, did the 1.5 total system storage of the purple/black/silver box ever leave you disappointed?

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