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PC Mag likes new Intel iMacs

Scott McNulty

C.K. seems to like his new Intel based iMac (there really should be a better way of describing the Intel based Macs without having to use 'Mactel'), but what about the editors of PC Magazine? They have made it an 'Editors' Choice' and given it four and a half circle thingies. Why does this 20 inch iMac (that's the model they got their hands on) deserve such praise?

It is fast, at least with Universal applications, and the iMac form factor is very good (Jobs even called it 'perfect,' though I don't think I would go that far). The reviewer at PC Mag only had two complaints about the iMac, and they really aren't iMac specific:

  • Classic is no longer supported on the Intel Macs
  • Running applications in Rosetta is slow
He recommends this system to 'casual Mac users,' but since the Pro apps aren't universal yet he warns off video and Photoshop jockies.

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