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Verizon V CAST Music service reviewed

Marc Perton

We checked out Verizon's V CAST Music service at CES, and found it to be an adequate way to get music onto a cellphone. Now that the service has officially launched, Laptop Magazine has gone ahead and conducted an in-depth test of the service, using both a phone and a PC to download songs. Their conclusion: while the service made it easy to find songs, and downloading was relatively speedy, there were some major software glitches, including the inability to use your phone's other features while listening to music (which also plagues Sprint's music service) and a clunky syncing process to transfer music from a PC to a phone (which you can avoid by using a card reader to copy music directly to your phone's MiniSD card. Overall, Laptop found the service to be a bit better than Sprint's music store, simply by dint of being "cheaper and easier to use." But we'd have to agree with the conclusion that "people are unlikely to ditch their iPods for this version."

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