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Logic for Intel Macs at NAMM


If you haven't made up your mind that Intel chips will "save" the Mac platform, Apple demoed the Intel-native version of Logic Pro 7 at NAMM today. How fast is it? Let's just say I'm going to have to call that PowerBook of yours - yeah, the shiny 17" version - a paperweight. Don't go planning any Grammy's, that's for sure. The Intel version of Logic is doing things that weren't even possible on PPC versions. To quote Bob Hunt, as he wowed the NAMM'ers with a session full of video and high-end effects: "None of these sessions would even run on a PowerBook." It's nice to see Apple calling it like they see it. Here's hoping the music industry hops on board. I know some indie producers jumped ship a few years ago for PC's because the hardware was cheap, and many of the audio tools they were using were getting long in the tooth. Logic Pro for Intel might just be insanely great enough for them to come back home.

[Via AppleInsider]

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