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Bluetooth Playstation controller for Axim PDA

Evan Blass

Sometimes it takes a little modding to get something to work the way you want it to. Other times, it takes a lot of modding to get a device working to your stringent specifications. This was the case for Aximsite "rookie" kryten007, who wanted a Bluetooth controller for his PDA but was unhappy with the fit of the only commercial model available, the GamePad. Instead of modding the GamePad itself, kryten007 ripped the guts out and inserted them into a hollowed-out $3 Playstation controller. After a bit of wiring hassle (something about the GamePad lacking a "common ground") he was able to make everything work properly and attach it to his Axim x50 using modified, spring-loaded mechanical pencils. The end result may not look all that pretty, but no one is grading these projects on aesthetics, right?

[Via Hack-a-Day]

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