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What are these coupons for, anyway?


I have been buying Apple software for years and years now. As a result, I have a stack of these proof-of-purchase coupons. I don't know what they're for, because I've never, ever used them for anything. The coupons themselves say, "To get software updates and other special offers from Apple, you'll need to use the coupons below as your proof of purchase."

I got four of them just with my copy of iLife '06, which suggests that I'll have several opportunities to take advantage of "special offers from Apple" that require these coupons. It hasn't happened yet.

There's more. The card of coupons also warns, "Important: Do not discard these coupons. Only original coupons can be used as proof of purchase. Copies will not be accepted." Wow, "Do not discard" in bold type. Like I said, I've got a stack of these, from various pieces of software. Just waiting for a special offer. Anytime now, Apple. I'm ready. With my coupons.

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