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Curator Kojima: "Games are not art"

Dan Choi

Hideo Kojima makes potentially inflammatory comments regarding games as art -- or not art, in this case -- and declares himself as a game creator to be running a "museum" as well as creating "the art that's displayed in the museum." More odd analogies... wonderful.

In the latest issue of OPM (US), Kojima takes a shot at the games-as-art debate and comes up with some... different... views on the topic, comparing art to concept cars and games to production models which need to work for everyone who drives them.

Sure, there are a lot of artists looking for that "single person [who] is captivated by whatever that piece radiates," but aren't there just as many artists (if not more) who need to make a living and who produce derivative works custom-made to be mass-produced by corporations everywhere? Mainstream vs. hardcore: we've seen that tension in games, and it's certainly not absent in art -- interesting magazine interview excerpts aside. (Wait, Hideo was a latchkey kid?)

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