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DLP bulbs and Dynamic settings

Kevin C. Tofel

Got bulbs? DLP bulbs that is. You might need to stock up on 'em if your HDTV set has a Dynamic Mode setting or any similar setting that increases the brightness beyond the norm. Rich didn't indicate which Samsung DLP model he owns, but it's about two years old and the bulb is kaput. Rich figured he'd get a couple more years form a bulb that costs nearly as much as decent-sized analog TV and was shocked to have to replace the bulb so soon. Digging around the Samsung knowledge-base, he found that "when using the dynamic setting the 100 watt bulb operates at 120 watts causing the picture to look brighter. This will shorten the life of the bulb by about 2,000 hours."

How about it DLP owners: do you have a setting like this? How long has your DLP bulb lasted so far?

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