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HDTV on PBS and our HDTV listings

Kevin C. Tofel

Not that we're counting, but around every 37th daily HDTV listing we get a comment telling us we missed the PBS listings for the day. Actually, we didn't miss anything; we don't include PBS on purpose. It's not because PBS has bad HDTV programming; in fact, it's quite the opposite. Some of the very best high-def programming is found on your local PBS stations; therein lies the problem with the keyword being "local".

Unlike your major local broadcast affiliates (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, UPN and WB), the Public Broadcasting Service is made up of 349 individual stations and each station is responsible for their own broadcasts. This doesn't mean they have to create the content (although some do), this means that each local station creates their own schedule. It would be next to impossible for us to include the PBS that applies to most (or all) of our readers, so we'll let PBS do what they do best: provide great programming along with listings for your local area on their site.

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