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How to use your Guitar Hero controller without Guitar Hero

Evan Blass

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Joystiq brings us a nice little mod (cleverly titled "Rock Star No More!") that lets you free your Guitar Hero-for-PS2 guitar from working only with the game, instead letting you map the buttons for use with a PC synthesizer application. Jason Cecil's simple tweak only requires a USB-to-PS2 controller adapter with two inputs, a PS2 controller itself, and a couple free programs. After connecting the guitar to a PC, even the Slashiest of thrashers will have a little trouble mastering the Guitar Hero, which uses fret buttons instead of string picks to produce tones and the analog stick on the PS2 controller as a makeshift foot pedal. As usual, we're having a super-special contest for the first Guitar Hero rendition of any Beastie Boys album that we receive; this time you're not just limited to Paul's Boutique.

[Via Joystiq]

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