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Poll results: Next-gen combo platters

Another poll, another Nintendo blowout! The premise was that Nintendo is banking on being the most attractive second system, both in terms of cost and feature set. While gamers may be willing to spend $400 on a system like the Xbox 360 or the PS3, they are unlikely to want to do so twice, for games that will be largely the same on both platforms.

The numbers gathered in this poll support that assumption, with Nintendo's Revolution commanding a staggering 89% of the gamers that will be purchasing multiple systems, versus 64% for the Xbox 360 and 67% for the PS3.

Total percentages:
Nintendo Revolution: 6502 votes - 84.21%
Sony PlayStation 3: 3738 votes - 48.41%
Microsoft Xbox 360: 3575 votes - 46.30%

Market share:
Nintendo Revolution: 47.06%
Sony PlayStation 3: 27.06%
Microsoft Xbox 360: 25.88%

While our numbers might not match up with others, it's pretty clear Nintendo's strategy of being the side to the main course will prove effective. They might be surprised, however, to learn they are also the single most popular console, alone or in pairs... at least amongst Joystiq readers.

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