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Sanyo Xacti C6 reviewed

Evan Blass

Steve's Digicam gives Sanyo's Xacti C6 camcorder/camera their typical thorough going-over, and come away fairy pleased, calling it "awesome" and "a great choice for anyone." The $600 C6 records both 30fps VGA video and six megapixel stills onto an SD card and features a 5x optical zoom and 2-inch LCD display, but no optical viewfinder. Despite its small size, Steve's give the C6 a thumbs up for picture and video quality, as well as ergonomics and image stabilization, when compared to other products in the same class. Also nice is the Wind Noice Reduction feature, which supposedly works well for outdoor shots, although indoor shots are a different story, with the flash coming across as pretty weak. Nonetheless, Steve's gives us the go ahead to break out our credit cards and buy yet another camcorder that we swear we'll really use this time.

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