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ESPN-HD adds 5.1 to SportsCenter

Kevin C. Tofel

Folks all over the country got their daily fix of ESPN's SportsCenter in Digital Dolby 5.1 sound tonight via ESPN-HD; well, almost all over the country. It appears that the DIRECTV folks were caught napping because Dish Network as well as Comcast cable subscribers got the 5.1, while DIRECTV customers still have the oh-so-1980 dual channel stereo feed. Was this Dish's way of flipping the HD bird to DIRECTV for the MPEG-4 rollout that DIRECTV is leading in? Anywho, there's an NCAA basketball game between Indiana and Iowa on ESPN HD at 9 p.m., so if you tune in and hear stupendous surround sound from five channels, drop us note will ya?

Thanks for the tip, Ben!

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