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Pentax's waterproof Optio WPi reviewed


Steve's Digicams got ahold of Pentax's Optio WPi waterproof shooter and they seem to like the unit, a follow-up to the Optio WP from early last year. Both cameras have a lot in common, most notably their waterproof builds, which allow for around 30 minutes of hanging with the fishes at up to 5 feet underwater. The WPi does add one of those all important megapixels, bringing the count to six, but the 3x optical zoom and 2.0-inch LCD screen are the same old news, which didn't seem to bother the reviewer, who noted that the LCD worked well indoors and out, and the zoom was smooth and low on distortion. Overall the camera gets a thumbs up, especially for its $300 price, since the pictures are decent indoors and out, the camera is comfortable and reasonably fast, and of course since it doesn't mind getting dropped in the drink.

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