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Possible Revolution Interface #5: leaked by mother's sister's son...

We have another Revolution interface screen! Revolution_Gamer_0069 has posted on behalf of Zeromaru, "My cousin (first cousin, my mother's sister's son) works as a software engineer at an independant developer (I can't say the name of the developer for obvious reasons)... this developer recieved a Revolution alpha kit a few weeks ago. My cousin couldn't say what was in it (in terms of specs), but he did give a good description of how the main interface works." And this picture!

Compared to some earlier mockups, this one at least attempts to duplicate the look of a Nintendo console, the Nintendo DS.

For those of you keeping score at home, here is our ongoing list of possible Revolution interface screens:
Another Revolution interface mockup
Rumored Revolution interface photo
Possible Revolution menu screen
Nintendo conducts "Virtual Console" service survey

(Note: The keystoning on the image has been adjusted to make it clearer.)

[Via Go Nintendo]

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