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Is Sony's SXRD really America's favorite HDTV?

Matt Burns

Sony has some cool commercials, don't they? We love that new one with the 'low-def' sports. You know, the one with the little fake football players that some guy is moving around pretending like the Bears could ever win the Super Bowl. It's cool. But then at the end of it comes Sony's famous marketing: SXRD, America's Favorite HDTV.

Now that is a great TV. We love it around the HD Beat labs and all, but we just don't know if it deserves the "America's Favorite" label. What about the Panasonic 42 and 50-inch plasmas or Samsung DLPs? Sure, Sony made a great HDTV, but the SXRD is just too new in our opinion to be considered for America's Favorite HDTV

Are we right here or just too afraid to say Sony has the best?

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