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LG in the black thanks to LCDs

Matt Burns

LCDs are doing LG.Philips good. If it was not for the flat-panels they would not be so far in the black. The sales of these TVs soared past last years numbers (duh) as they competed against their peninsula rival, Samsung. Their net profit jumped 91 percent to 312.2 billion won ($318.3 million).

LG.Philips was the largest LCD supplier from last year with LCD panels under numerous brands. Their high-end consumer lines still fall under ether the LG or the Phillips name, but these sets are never in the news. We hear about Sharp and Sony all the time but nether LG or Phillips comes up.

Does anyone own any of these sets? We've had good experiences with them in the past and they seem like good deals but would you buy one of these average consumer products instead of spending a few more bucks for a Sony or Sharp?

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