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Parappa M-I-Xes flour into a bowl, LIVE!

Andreas Wieslander's bachelor thesis, entitled "IN REAL GAME," is "a project about marketing games through live performances, in order to focus on the games feel, rather than its graphics and sfx."

He has chosen the infectious beats and charms of the PlayStation classic Parappa the Rapper to illustrate this concept. They act out the roles of Cheep Cheep and Parappa in a rendition of "Cheep Cheep Cooking Chicken's Rap," complete with seafood cake, live backing band, and Parappa's jerky delivery. "Crack. Crack. Crack. The egg. Into. The bowl."

The idea is clever and captures some of the fun, and certainly the oddity, of Parappa the Rapper, but how well would it work on other games that didn't lend themselves so well to the idea. Try acting out Prince of Persia.

[Via Re:Retro]

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