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Free Music Video Content for your iPod


It's always cool when bands release free music videos as promotional material. I remember last year when The Decemberists released the music video for 16 Military Wives via Bittorrent. Many bands now release promotional material in download-able formats.

This leads me to my current point: the Texas-based band SOUND Team has released a music video as a preview to their upcoming full length album Work EP due out in March. What is so amazing about this music video that I must post about it on TUAW you ask? Well, they have released an iPod ready version. That, dear readers, is good marketing. Free music videos that are formatted to play on an iPod (and therefore in Quicktime as well) are always a good thing.

Incidentally, my favorite site to grab free music videos is They may not be iPod ready, but there are a few ways to take care of that.

[via iLounge]

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