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NJIT implements SmartCampus people-tracking program

Evan Blass

After our kids finish their super-safe education in the Freehold Borough School District, we think we'll keep them in New Jersey where we'll still be able to keep an unhealthy eye on them thanks to the New Jersey Institute of Technology's pilot program for tracking students and faculty on campus. Limited initially to only 100 participants, the ultimate goal of the SmartCampus project is to eventually allow everyone to see exactly where everyone else is at any given time (hmm, can't really forsee any socially awkward situations arising out of this omniscience). The NJIT system, organized and run by Dr. Constantine Manikopoulos and other members of the campus community from various disciplines, requires users to carry around tracking devices, as opposed to a similar system at MIT which seems to rely on users' laptops for locating them (but maybe not- can anyone from these two schools clear this up?). Luckily the SmartCampus gear allows users to turn "invisible" whenever they want, so would-be stalkers will have to leave their notebooks at home and continue trailing their victims the old-fashioned way.

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