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Sega announces Super Monkey Ball Adventures

Ross Miller

If there's one thing this current generation taught us, it is that putting monkeys in hamster balls is a great idea. Sega today announced another title in their Super Monkey Ball franchise, Super Monkey Ball Adventures, set for release Q3 2006 for the PSP, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo GameCube.

This time out, in addition to 50 new 'classic' puzzle stylings, there will also be a story-driven platformer element to the game - our favorite simian protagonists will have to reform five feuding feral families, or "Monkey Ball Kingdoms." Sega also promises to bring 3 classic party games (our picks: Monkey Fight, Monkey Target, and Monkey Bowling) and 3 new ones (Monkey Kombat? Hey, we can dream).

Super Monkey Ball Adventures is currently being developed by Traveller's Tales (Lego Star Wars). All previous Monkey Ball games - even the N-Gage one - had been developed by Amusement Vision. We're not sure why Sega decided to shift houses, but the screenshots released do look pretty.

[Thanks, JamesO]

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