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SiteSucker pulls web pages onto your drive


Yeah, I have grown accustomed to saving web pages as PDF's. Between Spotlight support (probably the only time I use it really) and just the cool factor of having a mostly-universal format for pages of info to carry around, the Save As PDF feature is terrific. However, the limits are you can't get the actual HTML, CSS, images, or other media files that actually make the site. And if you're like me, completely unafraid to reverse-engineer some poor web designer's brilliant CSS and use it yourself, that PDF save won't get you there. So SiteSucker comes to my rescue.

SiteSucker is a very small app (less than 1 MB), and does one thing terrifically well: save all files and pages off a site. I would complain the interface takes some effort, but it doesn't really. The icons are confusing, but no more so than Plucker, which I use to pull pages onto my WristPDA. A few clicks, and SiteSucker will save all the related files for a URL into a folder on your computer. I got all the HTML, CSS, XML, images, SWF's, even the favicon file. It will not follow JavaScripted links, or many other files that coders might obfuscate for protection purposes. But there is a OS 9 version! The few sites I tried did pretty well, but I didn't try more dynamic sites like Amazon. For simple web deconstruction and just fooling around, this seems like a good app. It's donationware.

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