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Wal-Mart launches Soundcheck music service

Ryan Block, @ryan

We're a slightly befuddled as to the exact intention of their execution, but Wal-Mart's officially announced Soundcheck, their latest foray into online music downloads which, instead of competing with the iTunes Music Store or the gaggle of PlaysForSure services out there (including their own), appears to be more focused on small sets of freely downloadable media (like interviews) and cheapo 88 cent session tracks, all of which are jacked directly into their in-store HDTV promos. In other words, it looks like they're aiming it more to be an elaborate system of promotion to spur hard album sales  rather than selling more audio online -- but what's interesting here is Wal-Mart's becoming a content company. Their first studio offerings include sessions with bands Yellowcard and Switchfoot, with upcoming performances by Miranda Lambert and Ne-Yo, yo.

[Thanks, Arjav]

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