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WMCE getting a TiVo gadget?

Kevin C. Tofel

We love recording our high-def OTA programming with our Windows Media Center PC, and as slick as the interface and EPG is, it lacks something that TiVo has perfected: suggested shows based on your preferences. Looks like that's about to change based on reports of a Windows Live Gadget that adds similar functionality. Windows Live is the AJAX based, customizable portal that's currently in beta. You can add RSS feeds, run searches and add "Gadgets" which are small applets that preform one or two key functions. If we're understanding this right, the new gadget will essentially watch what you're watching and make recommendations for other shows. We've got Windows Live on the WMCE machine, so we'll have to give this a run-down and see if and how it works with our over-the-air recordings.

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