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Possible Revolution Interface #6: the hits just keep on coming

Ross Miller

Yet Another Revolution Interface mockup, via Google Video. This one actually has a pretty sleek introduction and aesthetically pleasing color scheme. Note the upper right-hand "health bars" that indicate the power remaining in your Revolution controllers. Revolution RS pops up again, as it did with a few previous interfaces - is this becoming the popular name among Nintendo fans? We wonder if Nintendo is watching these interface mockups pop up, gauging public response.

After the interface is officially unveiled, what will we have left to imagine? Until that time, here's the purported interface concepts we've seen thus far:
Possible Revolution interface #5; leaked by mother's sister's son...
Another Revolution interface mockup
Rumored Revolution interface photo
Possible Revolution menu screen
Nintendo conducts "Virtual Console" service survey

[Thanks, dcfc1985]

[Update: fixed a few grammatical errors.]

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