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Canon PowerShot SD430 reviewed

Marc Perton

Canon's PowerShot SD430 Wireless (aka Digital IXUS Wireless for those of you outside of the US) joins the small-but-growing ranks of WiFi-enabled cameras, and has some features that set it apart from competitors like Kodak's EasyShare One, including a higher resolution (5 megapixels vs. Kodak's 4) and built-in WiFi (you need an optional WiFi card with the Kodak). But how well does it actually perform in real-world tests? Steve's Digicams gave the camera a try, and found that, in addition to offering "awesome" image quality and "great" ergonomics, the SD430 wireless functions work well. Steve tested wireless printing (which, of course, only works with Canon printers), wireless transfers to a PC (which requires Windows XP) and RemoteCapture, which lets you wirelessly control the camera from your PC (certain other Canon models also include RemoteCapture, but require a USB connection). Steve's conclusion: He had a "great experience" with the camera's wireless features. We, of course, especially like RemoteCapture, which lets you turn the SD430 into a wireless spycam that you can control from a nearby location (or, we assume, from anywhere on the Internet, if you can control the local PC via VNC or RDC).

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