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Cisco and TiVo sittin' in a tree?

Kevin C. Tofel

It's just speculatory rumors at the moment, but according to some of CNET's sources, the "potential for an interesting partnership" between Cisco and TiVo does exist. That's not really a stretch when you put a few pieces of the puzzle together. Cisco knows that its core competency of networking is only a means to many ends: HDTV could easily be one of those ends. Factor in that Cicso bought one of the largest cable set-top box manufacturers when it snapped up Scientific-Atlanta last year as well as Linksys, who has a small scattering of networked entertainment products, and you can see the digital handwriting on the wall.

TiVo would garner Cisco another well-known brand and hopefully accelerate the continued usage of networked digital devices in the home entertainment room. You be the "analyst:": would a TiVo purchase by Cisco be good for one of them, both of them or neither of them?

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