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EMC rolls out $4 million petabyte array

Marc Perton

Forget about that puny terabyte RAID system you just set up. If you want to be on the cutting edge in storage, you need to start thinking in petabytes. And if you're ready for that level of storage, there's now someplace to get it: EMC has launched its first petabyte array, a version of the company's flagship Symmetrix DMX-3 system that includes nine room-filling cabinets of drives. The Symmetrix DMX-3 system is built around 500GB drives; the petabyte version includes a whopping 2,400 of them and goes for about $4 million. Of course, if your needs are more modest, you can always opt for one of EMC's "entry level" systems; a two-cabinet version that will give you a mere 480TB of storage is available for just $250,000. But if you're into, say, NSA-level data mining, want to challenge the Wayback Machine, or just want bragging rights, a full PB is the only way to go.

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