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Sticky Windows updated to version 1.2


Sticky Windows by Donelleschi Software is a utility that brings those great tabbed windows from the classic Mac OS back to Mac OS X. Once it's up and running you only need to drag any window to an edge of your screen to have it exist there as a small, unobtrusive tab. Click that tab to reveal its window, and click again to hide it. I've played around with the demo for a little while this afternoon, and it's pretty nice. I'm the type that likes an ultra-tidy desktop (no icons), and this plus Quicksilver and Command-Tab is working for me. Changes in version 1.2 include:

  • "Keep always open" button added to every tab
  • Fading effect removed to improve speed
  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS 10.4
  • Application efficiency improvement
Sticky Windows requires Mac OS 10.3 or later and costs $14.95 for a single license.

[Via Resexcellence]

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