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U.S. brain training to begin this April and May

Dan Choi

Brain training is finally making its way to the DS in America with the announcement that Brain Age and Big Brain Academy will be released on April 17 and May 30 of this year, respectively.

For "the first in a series of U.S. brain-training titles," Brain Age will tackle word memorization, counting, and reading, while Academy will handle concepts such as logic, memory, math, and analysis. A version of sudoku will also be included (in at least the first title) where you can fill in the numbers with the DS stylus, effectively killing any prospective sudoku competitors on the dual-screened portable.

Each of the three Brain titles released sold over a million copies in Japan. Selling a couple hundred thousand per week probably helps some, though rebounding sales [at the 19-minute mark] certainly factored in as well. We don't know how effective Nintendo's senior-friendly strategy will be here in America, but if it worked for girls and Nintendogs, anything's possible, right? Get ready for what Reggie Files-Aime calls "a treadmill for the mind" this spring.

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