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Ad-supported Xbox 360 Live: yay or nay? (a Joystiq poll)

Vladimir Cole

If Microsoft offered you the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of Xbox Live for free provided you agree to view advertisments, would you go for it? (Not that Microsoft has offered such an option, we're just askin'.) Possible advertisments that could be inserted into the Xbox Live experience for subscribers who choose the "ad supported" route instead of the current $50 annual fee for an Xbox Live Gold subscription plan:

  1. interstitials: one full-screen, 20-seconds ad per two hours of cumulative use (not to be displayed in the middle of a game)
  2. blade ads: The Xbox 360 interface could sport a new "blade" titled "special offers" that would feature gamer-relevant offers from advertisers
  3. interface ads: banner advertisements throughout the Xbox 360 interface
  4. leaderboard ads: Xbox Live leaderboards could display advertisements to either side of the leaderboard. Imagine: "Victoria's Secret proudly sponsors Dead or Alive 4 leaderboards"
  5. in-game ads: Gamers tend to dislike the idea of in-game ads, but there are numerous non-play screens that gamers must stare at when they're waiting for a race, team battle, or fight to start. These spaces could be enlivened by full-motion video or flash advertisements.
What Xbox 360 ad plan works best for you?
Current subscribers: I pay for Xbox Live Gold, but would elect to view ads in exchange for free access.
Current subscribers: I subscribe to Xbox Live Gold and would continue to pay for it in order to avoid seeing ads.
I do not subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, but would sign up if it were free but ad supported.
I own an Xbox 360 but do not subscribe to Xbox Live Gold. This plan wouldn't change my mind.
I don't own an Xbox 360. I'm just here to mess with the poll results. GO NINTENDO! $ony and M$FT sux! LoL!
I don't own an Xbox 360. I'm just here to mess with the poll results. GO SONY! M$FT and Nintendo sux! LoL!
Other (write in below)

Technical mumbo jumbo: this is not a scientific or rigorous poll and is only intended to capture the general consensus of Joystiq readers. Results will be posted approximately one week after the poll is opened for votes. Sure, you probably could hack this poll if you worked at it, but it’s more fun for everyone if poll results accurately reflect the opinions of all readers, so please refrain from tampering with poll results.

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