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Buy a Qosmio G30, get a World Cup ticket

Marc Perton

We're a little surprised that Toshiba feels the need to give away freebies to customers who buy the Qosmio G30 laptop. After all, the computer has pretty good specs, with a Core Duo, 17-inch WUXGA display and HD tuner. But apparently the company wants to hype its sponsorship of the soccer World Cup, and is giving away a free ticket to the event with each Qosmio G30 purchased. However, the deal is apparently only good on laptops purchased in Germany, where this year's World Cup is being held. So, if you already live in Germany and want a Qosmio anyhow, this could be a good deal. Otherwise, you'll have to do the math on flying there, picking up your laptop and then hanging out for the next four months until the games begin.

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