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HDTV Showcase - Classic Samsung DLPs

Matt Burns

Here it is folks: our inaugural HDTV Showcase. We've had our Flickr pool up for a few weeks now and there are just so many good systems on there we need to give them the props they deserve. We're going to start the showcase off with a TV icon: the Samsung DLP. Flickr user errettp has a big ol' 67-incher sporting the Xbox 360. Just look at the size of that thing. It's huge but at least it's on a nice stand that seems to match the size, while giving it a nice look. Nice setup man.

Want to see your HDTV setup on HD Beat? Upload a pic of it to our Flickr pool and we will select a few each week to highlight!

[More Samsung DLPs after the jump]

A 43-inch Samsung DLP on top of nice matching stand. There's a Samsung ATSC tuner to pull in over-the-air signals which matches our recent guide to OTA, and of course an Xbox with a Sony Audio system. Flickr user Rothgar has a nice little setup.

This big boy has been featured before but just look at it; talk about a powerful system. We have the 56-inch Sammy in the middle flanked by power amps and an audio processor on the left, and on the right, more goodies: a DIRECTV HD receiver, an Oppo up-scaling DVD player, a custom PC for HD recording, and a good ol' Xbox. We would hate to see the jungle of wires behind the entertainment center if the wires on the left give any indication.

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