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MegaChi pendant blocks EMF and negative thoughts

Marc Perton

We don't usually fall for these new-agey talismans, but we're seriously tempted to pick up a MegaChi pendant. According to the manufacturer, not only does the pendant protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, but it can block "other negative energies like fear and doubt - even the negative thoughts of others!" The pendant apparently "emits a frequency of 7.83 Hertz," which the manufacturer says has a "profound healing effect." But wait! There's more! The MegaChi pendant can also eliminate stress, attract abundance and help you to "manifest what you most desire." At just $249.95, how can we resist? In fact, maybe we'll splurge and pick up a Q-Link pendant as well, to improve mental and physical performance. That's just another $129, and we're sure that the combination of the two pendants will make us a superhuman force to be reckoned with.

[Via the Red Ferret]

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